Cute RAR extractor

Simplify unlocking multiple RARs that share the same password.

RarMonkey is a simple RAR archive utility that offers little to recommend it over a standard RAR tool.

Every developer who works with RAR archives undoubtedly already owns a utility that both compresses and extracts in this format. Such utilities typically offer Windows shell integration, drag and drop for files, and file association--as does RarMonkey. Most offer a Help file, and RarMonkey does, too. Many support automatically extracting multiple archives to multiple folders, as does RarMonkey. In fact, RarMonkey is just like every other RAR utility out there.

RarMonkey's one innovation appears to be the capability to use one password to open multiple archives. If this is a situation you frequently encounter, then RarMonkey may be the utility for you. If not, this utility is probably not worth the trouble. Unless, of course, you just happen to like monkeys.

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