Helpful retail program

Operate every aspect of a small business with this program.

Imonggo Free POS Software provides an incredible range of control for small businesses. It ackles every aspect of retail with a streamlined program. We were quickly impressed.

The program's interface initially turned us off, since it was not a downloadable program, but an online tool that required us to register. However, its professional layout, simple commands, and insightful Help file instructions quickly converted us into believers. The program focused on the three biggest aspects of retail: Inventory, Store, and Office. It impressed us at each stop. Imonggo Free POS Software's inventory was easy to populate, even allowing barcodes and product images to be collected. The Shop option worked exactly like a teller machine, letting us create invoices, collect customer info, and sell anything from our inventory. The Help file smartly included instructions for hooking up printers and cash registers to this program. Also, the Office settings allowed us to view sales reports and easily look at the numbers from multiple stores, assuming they all used this same program. Imonggo also provided features to create a customized invoice layout by using a simple wizard, which was nice but not essential. While we kept waiting for its online layout to let us down, this program's ease and professionalism constantly impressed.

Imonggo Free POS Software is a freeware program. It comes as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without permission. This program is ideal for small retail businesses and we highly recommend it.

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