Lottery helper

Make more educated guesses at the lottery with this program.

Lotto Sorcerer claims to help you make better guesses at the nightly lottery picks. We were impressed with the program's tools and options, but ultimately weren't convinced that it was capable of picking winners.

We were not blown away by the program's interface. Even though it was simple to navigate and came with an instructional Help file, the layout felt a decade old. Regardless, we soon discovered its positives, like automatically pulling lotto results from any state and any specific drawing. We were shown several years of results and then the program provided us a guess about today's drawing based on those prior lottos. It took well over a minute to calculate its guesses, which felt slow. We were given a series of probable guesses, but we weren't really convinced. We were never given a simple explanation as to how this was better than simply guessing numbers ourselves, but didn't check our nightly lottery numbers to see if was accurate. The program's excellent feature, the Frequency Distribution chart, was actually more helpful, as it mathematically broke down what percentage of the time each number appeared. We were not surprised to find each number appeared about equally, which once again encouraged us to simply guess our lottery numbers.

Lotto Sorcerer has a 12-use trial. While the program operated as it promised, we weren't convinced this was the answer to winning millions and do not recommend it.

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