Search engine book

Learn about search engine optimization with this helpful book.

SEO Tutorial offers tips and history on how to get the most visibility out of a Web site. Focusing on search engine optimization, this ebook is a brisk, useful read.

The program's interface was surprisingly good. We'd tested ebooks before and were not impressed, but this was written in a very readable tone and made it simple to jump to specific topics. The book primarily consisted of short, one- or two-paragraph explanations on various aspects of improving Web site visibility through search engines. The program featured chapters on the history of search engines, search engine basics, common mistakes, and, most importantly, tips for improving a Web site's ranking. There was very little computer jargon used and when it was, the words came with an explanation. We previously knew nothing about this subject and were pleased to find everything making sense as we read along. The program did not contain any features, which didn't upset us too much, though we would have loved to see illustrations or pictures to accompany the text. Regardless, the ebook felt like a great tool for novices to learn search engine optimization and for more knowledgeable users to refresh their memories.

SEO Tutorial is a freeware program. We recommend it, thanks to its clear writing and helpful information.

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