PDF information converter

Change the information embedded in your PDFs with this program.

A-PDF Info Changer lets you change the primary file information of a PDF item without altering its content. The program has an incredibly basic layout and produces effective results.

We were surprised by how basic the black-and-white interface was, but we were not turned off by it. The program offered us no Help file, but was so intuitive we never worried about getting lost. The program's layout practically held our hands for the entire process, which took less than a minute to convert information. Once our file was selected, we simply filled in fields for Author, Title, Subject, and Keywords. Our files immediately reflected these new additions when we looked at the PDF's properties. The actual text and images on the PDF were not altered in any way. There were no special features, and we would have liked an added bonus like a watermark creator, but felt like the program was very good on its own. A-PDF Info Changer was simple and effective at every step of the way.

A-PDF Info Changer is a freeware program. We recommend it.

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