Simple note storage

Create and store ideas and notes with this simple filing system.

Tolon NoteKeeper provides a simple set of tools for putting ideas and images into a note filing system. While the aim is good, we were turned off by the layout and felt lukewarm about the whole program.

The note-keeper's interface was a major hurdle for us to overcome. The screen was very simple and not too cluttered, but it provided no direction on how to get started. Even after reading the Help file's tutorial, we still needed to play around for a few minutes to find our footing. This was a frustrating way to start, but we were then able to move forward. The program's functionality definitely didn't blow us away, but it performed its advertised tasks fairly well. We were able to write simple notes and input images and save them into a file tree. We were able to quickly bring them back for later review. The program didn't offer any special features, though the whole process could have used a toolbar with command icons; without one, we had to constantly right click and surf through various commands to create our little file tree of notes. While everything worked, we found navigating the program to be a chore and we constantly thought of similar programs we'd tested that worked better.

Tolon NoteKeeper is a freeware program. It left behind desktop items and folders upon uninstall. We do not recommend this program.

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