Amateur card maker

Create simple digital greeting cards, but don't expect much with this program.

Greeting Card Editor provides some basic tools for making your own card. While it has some nice options, most didn't look professional and others couldn't be properly tested.

We needed a trip to the Help file's instructions after the first glance at this program. Not because it was too complex, but because the commands offered were unlike any other greeting card maker we've tested. Fortunately, we were then able to successfully navigate. We were instantly disappointed, though, because the program didn't offer any traditional templates for seasons and occasions, where we could simply drop in a photo and a greeting. Instead, we used just our photos and background colors to create the basic card, which ended up looking more like a collage than a greeting card. Unfortunately, the trial limits didn't let us apply any of the masks, cartoon images, or text. However, judging from the looks of those options, which we could at least view, they did not seem very professional. Beyond its primary function, the program didn't offer any special features and we would have liked to see more photo manipulation options, since pictures were the primary focus. Even without its frustrating trial limits, we couldn't help but feel we've tested better greeting card makers and even better collage makers.

Greeting Card Editor comes with the aforementioned trial limits, plus a watermark on the output. We do not recommend this program.

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