Astrological reader

Know your Zodiac and star signs with this program.

MB Chinese Zodiac and Star Signs Software offers up a fast and easy astrological reading. With its simple layout and results that anyone can understand, this is a great way to know more about oneself.

The program's layout left us wanting more, since it is primarily text based and its Help file explained how the program functioned and not how to use it. Fortunately, navigation was so simple, we felt immediately comfortable even though we've never done more than read a fortune cookie. This was because of the basic information needed to begin. With our name and birthday entered, we were free to see our Chinese Zodiac information or Star Sign. Both layouts looked the same to us, though they provided different information. In both, our sign was given, our lucky days, positive and negative traits, and a host of other astrological info, which was all written in laymen's terms and easily understood. We were disappointed that the program didn't offer any special features; even something as simple as an astrological dictionary would have been a nice touch. Regardless, we were still pleased with the speed and simplicity of the program.

MB Chinese Zodiac and Star Signs is a freeware program. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstall. Though flawed, its simple layout and readable results still allow us to recommend this program.

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