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Relieve pain and disease by learning pressure points on this program.

MB Free Reflexology Software provides two instructional ways to relieve pain and disease. The program is designed well and the tutorials are written so anyone can use the knowledge, which we loved.

The program's interface was simple for us to begin using. The layout was intuitive and the Help file gave us a solid understanding of reflexology and Shiatsu, and both were central to our success. We were given the choice between reflexology and Shiatsu and both proved to be impressive. The Shiatsu option was our favorite, as it allowed us to choose a mentality to improve, such as concentration, tolerance or vitality, and use massage to see success. The program gave a step-by-step process and a photo to walk us through the massage and also detailed its intended results. The Reflexology side of the program let us choose a malady, ranging from serious problems like tumors to temporary ones like diarrhea, and treat them through pressure points. Charts of hands and feet, with various pressure points highlighted, quickly showed us how stimulating these points could improve our health. The program offered no special features, which wasn't a problem, though we would have loved video of the techniques. While the information was technical, we never felt confused or over our head, which made for an insightful program.

MB Reflexology Software provides is a freeware program. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstall. Its simple diagrams and helpful information leads us to recommend this program.

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