Astrological significance finder

Discover how your birthday relates to your yoga with this program.

MB Astrology Nithya Yoga offers to show us how our birthday and location are significant to yoga astrological beliefs. The program just barely misses the mark by not providing enough information.

The program's interface was a breeze for us to operate, though understanding it took a trip to the online Help file. Its brief explanation gave an understanding of the overall aim of the program, but the technical language of the program's results continued to confuse us. We only had to provide our birthday and time, along with the latitude and longitude of our birthplace (the program smartly provided a link to a Web site that helped us find this info). This resulted in two separate boxes that detailed information on our yoga and our birth star. The yoga information was written in laymen's terms to explain our personal characteristics and was simple to follow. The birth star information used a lot of jargon referring to planetary rulers and gods who look over the star, which left us wondering what that translated into. There was no information to help us understand, which was a disappointment. The program provided no special features, though we obviously would have appreciated a dictionary. The program was simple to use, but ultimately impossible to fully understand.

MB Astrology Nithya Yoga has a 45-day trial. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstall. While it was simple to operate, its lack of information makes us not recommend this program.

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