Name origin tool

Create cards with your name's origins and meanings with this tool.

First Names 2009 creates interesting cards and scrolls based on the meanings and origins of a person's name. While it doesn't look fantastic, the information given is interesting.

The program's interface was a little disappointing, especially the black and white graphics, but overall it functioned well. We quickly maneuvered through the various tabs to create a card. The highlight of the program came from simply entering a first name, our sex and birthday. The resulting information gave us the origin of our name, its meaning, the personality qualities of the name, and even a profile of that person's character. We were impressed with the program's ability to adapt to nontraditional names as well. We chose some modern names and the program still gave a reading, even though it didn't know the origin. The results could be printed on an old-fashioned-looking scroll or shrunk to print on a card. Both looked pretty cheap, but displayed the information well, which helped. The program was very sparse on features, though the ability to change the font helped to improve the visual quality of the card. While the results didn't look very professional, the information on our name made the program seem like a lot of fun as a gift to give a friend.

First Names 2009 has a seven-day trial. It leaves folders behind after uninstall. While we wished the results was prettier to look at, its information is fun and we recommend this program.

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