Home aquarium monitor

Track every aspect of your home aquarium with this program.

Aquarium Lab provides an incredible amount of control tracking the fish, tank, and other elements that complete an aquarium. Its comprehensive tools and simple navigation make this an impressive choice.

We liked the program's interface, especially how it listed every element that makes up an aquarium and allowed for quick glances at each one's status. We never touched the instructional Help file because the program was so intuitive. We were impressed that every element from the water's PH balance, to food, to the electricity used allowed for its data to be inputted and monitored for a comprehensive look at our tank. Each allowed for reports to be run, which was especially handy for monitoring expenses. Perhaps the most impressive tool was the Fish option, which allowed us to insert a photo of each fish, its name, the purchase price, and other special information, such as what food it eats. Another element we appreciated was the program's ability to monitor multiple tanks via separate menus. The program's strongest feature was its Water Changing calculator. This created a record and chart to help track how many gallons of water were changed, which is a crucial element for many aquariums. We were constantly impressed by this program and its well-planned options.

Aquarium Lab offers a 30-day trial. The program leaves files after uninstall.

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