Challenging numbers puzzle

Join the sudoku craze with this program.

JsiSudoku offers challenges for sudoku players of all skill levels. Simple gameplay and even simpler graphics equate to a challenging experience you could spend hours on.

The game's intuitive interface and gameplay was easy for us to learn, though we did need to visit the Help file's instructions to clarify a few of the rules of sudoku. This was the program's first correct step, since we've often tested games without directions on how to actually play. The program functioned just like the paper version of this game, where we had to input numbers into a grid so that they didn't repeat on any of the lines. The program featured 10 skill levels ranging from practically filled in, to a challenging screen with hardly any numbers entered. This was a nice touch, as it welcomed practically any skill level to play. The program also planned ahead well with its special feature. The Cheat feature was a button that showed the completed game on a separate window so we could fill it in, which helped when we came to one of the head-scratching challenges the game is famous for. In all, this was a smooth transition from paper to computer for this popular game.

JsiSudoku's trial features a small nag screen. The program installs desktop icons without permission and leaves behind folders upon uninstall. The game has challenges for all skill levels, and we highly recommend this program.

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