Quick collage maker

Use these tools to make an impressive collage in minutes.

Photo Collage Creator provides simple tools for making complex photo collages. By offering a great wizard, this program appeals to users of all skill levels.

The program's interface was a breeze to work with, thanks to a wizard that organized each step to design our custom collage. This was the highlight of a professional-looking setup that instantly felt comfortable to operate. We were able to select every aspect of our collage, focusing heavily on its design templates that provided a lot of different looks. The various backgrounds and themes all had a sleek appearance, which was appreciated, since we've tested many collage programs that make everything look very amateurish. This was never the problem with this program's fantastic imagery since it combined our favorite shots with some interesting visuals, to create something fit for hanging on a wall. Our favorite feature was the Process menu, which allowed us to make the collage look like it came from long ago, ranging from sepia tone to a decayed old picture. Thanks to the program's easy-to-use wizard, we whipped up a fine collage in only a few minutes.

Photo Collage Creator has a 30-use trial. It comes as a compressed file. We highly recommend this program with its simple design and fantastic results.

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