Helpful chess game

Learn chess and play various games through this simple program.

100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows provides users with challenging chess matches and also works as a teacher. This program's helpful tutorials and easy game play will make users of all skill levels happy.

We had an easy time navigating through the program's cartoonish interface, thanks to its well-labeled command buttons and onscreen instruction. The Help file comes to users as an excellent text-based tutorial, which explains rules and strategy. We liked the program's cast of opponents, whose skill level is noted next to their animated image, because each proved to offer different strategies and ability on the chessboard. There is an opponent for every user's skill level. Users click and drag their pieces across the chessboard with the help of a guide that highlights all possible moves. This characteristic allowed us to quickly make decisions and know each piece's limitations. When we needed more strategic guidance, the program's coaching feature came to the rescue. The Hint button provided us with advice on our next move and the logic behind it, which is a great way to develop a firm understanding of chess.

100% Free Chess is a freeware program. It bundles applications upon installation without asking permission. With its simple play and multiple skill levels, we recommend it for all chess enthusiasts.

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