Word processing replacer

Replace any word in a document and more with this program.

Replace Pioneer allows users to replace words in multiple documents at once. While initially confusing, this program allows precise changes over several documents.

We started out confused by the program's layout, with its multiple numbered tabs and no onscreen direction. Luckily, reading the topic-by-topic Help file clarified everything's purpose. We were able to easily open up to 16 separate documents for editing using the program's tab system. The tool for searching and replacing words reminded us of Word's intuitive way of having a specific word replaced with another. Once our requests were made, the program searched through all the documents quickly and made accurate changes. Two smaller screens below the tabs showed us various statistics regarding how many words were changed. It was nice to see, but not essential to the program. Its file conversion feature, on the other hand, did feel essential. By letting us save our work as DOC, TXT, HTML, and JPEG files, we had complete control. Overall, we felt this is a great choice for users making sweeping changes over several documents, but doesn't really improve upon Word's replacement tool for single documents.

Replace Pioneer comes with a 21-day trial. The program created a desktop icon without permission and left folders behind after uninstall. While initially confusing, we highly recommend this program for massive replacements.

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