Strange puzzle game

Play this puzzle game but don't expect to gauge your smarts.

Random Intelligence Test will seem like a joke to most users since it is an intelligence test that didn't tell us how intelligent we are. Its frustrating design and lack of direction ensures this game is a flop.

This program was one unintelligent headache after another, starting with its lack of a Help file and any direction as to how the game should be played. We tried moving the multicolored balls around the gridlike game board for several minutes without understanding why our scores kept changing. Eventually, we realized that linking up same-colored balls earned points. However, we never felt like we had won, moved on to another round or were told how our score reflects our intelligence. It seemed like we could move balls around for hours without any sense of accomplishment. The game does seem to offer a customization feature, since there is an opening menu screen with several boxes full of numbers that we could alter, but since none of the boxes was labeled, we had no clue what how or if it changed gameplay.

Random Intelligence Test is a freeware program, but even so, because of its lack of direction and purpose, we do not recommend this game to anyone.

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