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Learn math, spelling, and telling time with this kid-friendly software.

Talking Flash Cards aims to improve math, spelling, time-telling, and toddler basics with visual and audio tools. Its simple navigation and a variety of options allow this program to be a favorite of parents and kids.

We could see children really enjoying these cards, especially since they look exactly like physical flash cards, but tack on a digital element that can't be matched with traditional cards. The math cards gave us multiple-choice options, the spelling cards and time-telling function read the answers aloud for us, and the toddler learning tools felt more like a digital See-and-Say than a computer game. The program didn't repeat any of its cards while we tested, and each voice was clear and audible, making a great learning tool. However, our favorite element of the program was its features. Each set of cards can have its degree of difficulty set (for example how high numbers in math cards should go and how many syllables the word cards have), which will help kids grow and develop as they use these cards.

Talking Flash Cards has a 15-use trial. The program comes as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without asking permission.

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