Computer program organizer

Coordinate and track all your computer programs with this difficult tool.

SoftCAT offers to help organize programs that make up your computer. By cataloging everything with an easy-to-use layout, its manual input keeps this program from being brilliant.

With all commands laid out clearly and a useful example database already set up, we slid directly into navigating this program. While not hard to do, setting up a database required a great deal of information from us. Its New Entry form was not unlike filling out online paperwork by inputting Title, Publisher, Category, and its Location on our computer. Away from this primary screen, we appreciated the added tabs for more information, especially the purchase price, registration, and warranty information, which so often get lost down the road. While we had a simple time navigating the collection, as it was organized by categories and made finding our info a snap, we were left a little disappointed by all of the manual input. We wished it was like other programs we've tested that allowed us to input bar code numbers, which automatically populated a program's information. The program offers a helpful feature to run reports based on specific criteria about your collection, but didn't take away from the unnecessary slog through manually inputting data.

SoftCAT has a 30-day and 20-entry-per-database trial limitation. Though it functioned as promised, we do not recommend this program because of the amount of time and manual input required to build a database.

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