Disappointing study helper

Avoid this e-book on real estate tests.

Secret Guide 2: How to Pass the Real Estate Exam offers some brief common sense explanations for taking the test, but not much useful information. Anyone studying for this test should be able to find better information out there.

We were immediately disappointed by this program's interface, not because it was only a PDF document, but because it was only nine pages long. We didn't think this was long enough to give in-depth assistance for such an important test. Unfortunately, we were right. The bulk of the study tips and test-taking advice are things most people will know because of common sense or from studying for other standardized tests, such as: avoid amphetamines the night before the test; bring extra pencils; remove the possible answers that could not logically be true.

While the e-book merely didn't seem useful, its added feature was frustrating. The program routinely offered a link to a Web site that supposedly provided useful information on specific states' test and sample questions; however, we soon learned we had to pay upwards of $60 for this information. At no time did we feel this program would help us pass the real estate test.

Secret Guide 2 is a freeware program, but users must register to get a log-in code. Because of its amateurish advice and demands for money, we do not recommend this program.

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