Versatile screen capturer

Capture images and more using this program.

Super Screen Capture provides multiple options for making copies of onscreen images, but outdoes itself with its added abilities.

The interface was intuitive; we only consulted the Help file's instructions once to learn how to properly save images. We loved how the program's five tools for making screen captures were laid out on a small toolbar that stayed at the top of our desktop. We simply clicked on an option and the capture happened almost instantly with the Full screen and Window. The Shape, Polygon, and Scroll options meant we needed to click and drag our mouse to get the proper shape, though we couldn't think of one instance where the polygon tool's free-form drawing would come in handy. The biggest obstacle was discovering that the program saved images in its own folder instead of asking us where they should go, which was the only inconvenience of the process. Two things that saved properly were the program's excellent features for capturing sound and video. Both operated like a VCR or cassette player, where we simply hit record to capture the sounds or images onscreen. This entire program never failed to offer something we enjoyed from the photos to the sound, though we didn't appreciate its troublesome saving.

Super Screen Capture has a seven-day and 2-minute recording trial limit. While the way it saved was inconvenient, the rest of the program was good enough that we recommend it.

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