Intuitive puzzle program

Create and solve Kakuro puzzles with this simple program.

Best Kakuro allows users to create and solve Kakuro number puzzles. The program's intuitive navigation makes it easy for even beginners to use.

We weren't familiar with Kakuro, but the program's built-in Help file explained the rules of the game. It's a little like Sudoku in that it involves determining which combination of numbers will add up to a given sum. Don't worry if you don't understand; it's a fairly simple premise, and it will make sense when you look at the game. The program lets users create and solve Kakuro puzzles, and newly created puzzles can also be printed. Everything about the program was intuitive and easy to navigate, and both the instructions and Help file were well-written. The creation function of the program is especially versatile, letting users select from six different levels of difficulty. Users can also determine whether they want the game to be timed and whether they will permit zeros to be used in the game, which makes it more difficult. While users can enter these parameters and have the program generate a new puzzle, users also have the option of manually creating puzzles themselves. When printing puzzles, users can specify the paper size and darkness of the printing, a nice extra that allows users to save ink.

Best Kakuro is free to try, but the trial version puts limitations on the program's puzzle creation features. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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