The eyes follow your cursor

Lighten up your desktop--add a face with this app, and its eyes will follow your cursor, wherever it goes.

In the midst of your drudgery, working away at your PC, you need to take a break every now and then for a laugh. Or simply prod your pals or family members to laugh. And this nifty little app is just the thing to get the giggles going. But the required format for the graphics may prove a stumbling block for most users.

EyeRoller launches a bland square window onto your desktop, and the white window includes some text. Right-clicking the window opens a menu for loading or downloading a face. Once a face is loaded, its eyes roll with a hilarious ease that would have been the envy of Marty Feldman.

This free app performed satisfactorily during our tests--up to a point. While visiting the EyeRoller site and downloading existing faces with preloaded eyes that follow the cursor worked just fine in our tests, attempting to load our own photos didn't work at all. The problem is that the app requires graphics saved in the JFA format--whatever that is. None of our apps will save photos to that format, and professional graphics artists we checked with had never heard of this format. This restriction means users are limited to relying only on those faces downloadable from the EyeRoller site. Those graphics work fine, and they are funny. But anyone wanting to surprise a family member by displaying his or her face on the desktop will be disappointed.

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