Pics free and easy

Get your images on the same page with this photo album freeware.

Most PCs come with image-editing tools that do a lot, but sometimes too many features can be overwhelming. Imagistik Photo Album is a simple image editor that basically does one thing, which is make it easy to combine and arrange several images on one page, and save or print the results. You can add text to images, such as captions and labels, and rotate images individually. Cropping and red-eye removal tools spruce up your images.

A Windows installer makes the download a snap. The interface is decidedly sparse, with a few simple buttons and only two choices on the Taskbar, File and Help. Loading images is easy, and right-clicking an image in the main window calls up options like Rotate, Crop, and Picture Frame. There are only two page size choices, Letter and A4 Classic; this is a disappointment since even the simplest image editor offers more page sizes than that, and it's not difficult to resize and group images in most of them. However, you can always alter the page size in your Print Properties if you need more choices, and the great advantage of Imagistik Photo Album is its utter simplicity. For most photo scrapbooks and similar uses, it more than does the job.

Imagistik Photo Album is freeware, and, at 360K, hardly bloatware. Like many such tiny apps, the program's utter simplicity is its recommendation: easier to use means you'll probably use it more often and get more done faster than with the big do-it-all programs.

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