Easy frame-up

Enhancing your pictures with frames and more has never been easier.

There are more photo frame programs out there than you can shake a memory stick at, but Ace Photo Frame stands out from the crowd because it really is easy to use. You can add a variety of frame treatments to your photos and enhance them with clip art and text, which also makes it easy to produce your own personalized greeting cards. Changing the frame is as easy as clicking a new selection. When you're finished, you can click to save, print, or e-mail your creation, or set it as wallpaper.

The interface relies heavily on visual selections and a few icons and functions to keep things simple and easy to understand. Some basic image controls allow you to change the brightness and color properties, for example, and you can change the orientation of different objects added to your images, such as clip art or additional images, meaning you can park a Christmas tree right on someone's nose. It's easy to load new clip art and frames, too. You can even frame photos in batches. Tool Tips offer handy suggestions in slightly but amusingly fractured English.

The 15-day free trial version downloads, installs, and functions flawlessly, though a nag screen reminds you of your time left. At $29.95 for quite a basic program, there may be cheaper alternatives. However, its simplicity is its advantage, and you may find yourself using it more often, and for more things, than some more feature-packed programs that are harder to learn and harder to use.

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