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Supercharge your snail mail with Easy Mail.

Even the most wired among us still need to send "snail mail," and a good addressing program can help. Home Plan Software's Easy Mail fits the bill. It won't actually write your letters for you, but it will handle virtually all of your paper correspondence tasks, including composing, printing, and addressing. Professional-looking labels, letters, and envelopes of all sizes are a breeze to print. It will even fax documents and import address book information.

Easy Mail's 30-day trial version is fully functional; registering removes the nag screen. At a mere 1.26MB, it downloads and installs easily. It opens in a cleanly configured dialog box with large, well-labeled buttons. A sample envelope and return address get you started. A nice feature is the ability to add a logo to your return address. You can configure options ranging from fonts to how Easy Mail feeds envelopes into your printer. A search feature speeds everything from personal letters to multiple mailings. In fact, you can choose between business, personal, catalog, and invitation formats with a click. It's easy to store and reuse your formats, too. Fax software is often an afterthought these days, until you need it, and we're glad Easy Mail still has it.

Easy Mail has been around a while--you can still download a version for Windows 3.1--but it's stood the test of time, and constant improvements have kept it up-to-date. We tested it on both Windows XP and the 32-bit version of Vista, and it performed flawlessly in both.

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