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Quickly check the local time, weather, and how much you're really spending with WorldMate Live.

WorldMate Live has most everything the business traveler would want or need to smooth out the logistical bumps that befall every trip. The application itself is free, and so are the world clock, weather service, currency converter, and mapping functions, which sync in real time between the device and WorldMate's servers. Users will have to upgrade their subscription, however, to take advantage of the true trip-saving qualities: flight alerts and meeting reminders that are pushed to the phone, directions, a travel directory, and anytime customer support.

The application has become more attractive over time. The same can't be said of WorldMate's Web site, where you'll enter the bulk of your itinerary information to sync to your mobile app. Its antiquated feel and limited look-up ability make it the weakest link in the system. However, the functionality of WorldMate's online portal won't hold you back.

Casual users with sufficient storage space can benefit from having WorldMate Live's go-to interface for quickly organizing and referencing important travel details and adding new items as they come up, even if they stick with the free version. It sure beats scouring your e-mail in-box for separate messages containing your flight plans, hotel arrangements, and meeting details.

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