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Whatever your sport, get a flood of stats, news, and scores that automatically update every 30 seconds during game time.

If it's a crisp-looking score-tracking app you're looking for that follows major international sports associations and leagues, you've come to the right place. The free Sportacular is abound with current standings and scores that automatically update every 30 seconds when there's a game on. The flood of stats is easily navigated and read thanks to well-placed tabs and menus. You can view updated stats by player and by team, and you can even create and track your own fantasy team.

Sportacular also keeps you up-to-date on the sorts universe with RSS feeds from ESPN, Yahoo, and Fox. Customizable push notifications further keep you in the know. It gets you talking via Facebook chat, and gets you browsing relevant YouTube videos from within the app. Although these videos play at less than theater quality, their availability rounds out a satisfying all-in-one app for fans unfortunate enough to be away from a TV during game time.

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