Clock with extras

Tell time, remind yourself of appointments, and more with this exciting program.

LavClock is a clock, an alarm, and much more. With its simple operation and extensive options, this is a fantastic choice for people who want more than just a clock.

We were able to avoid the program's simple topic-related Help file because its interface felt instantly familiar. The actual clock didn't really impress us, as it made itself at home in the tray and didn't improve upon Windows' time teller. However, things improved once we realized we were able to set an alarm through a basic menu and customize the sound. We opened up the Options menu and found some other fantastic features, too. We had fun learning our daily horoscope or what vegetables were good to plant today, not to mention the astrological position of the moon, sun, and stars. Regardless of how the features played into our life, the clock and alarm settings were enough to keep us coming back.

LavClock comes with a 30-day trial. The program comes as a compressed file and leaves folders behind upon uninstall. We recommend this program for its simple alarm settings and fun features.

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