Horse show diary

Track every detail about your horse shows with this simple database.

Horse Rider Memories is a comprehensive database for your horse show experiences. With a layout that children can master, this is a great program for storing your history with horses.

We immediately felt comfortable with the program's simple, cartoonish layout and are confident that any child old enough to type and work a computer would also get the hang of it. The program did an excellent job of capturing every aspect of our horse shows with practically no snags. From logging in each show's performance in a journal entry to adding photos of the horse, we were able to quickly capture each show. We enjoyed the Show Results page's options the most; with fields for what place we finished, fees, judges, and prize money, it helped give a more complete picture in conjunction with the journal and photo options. One exciting feature was a report-running-type utility that allowed us to pull information on specific shows or horses. Once all our information was entered we were able to cycle back through various shows.

Horse Rider Memories' trial allows only a few entries to be made. With comprehensive options and kid-friendly use, we highly recommend this program for horse lovers.

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