Domino puzzle

Challenge yourself with this domino game.

Domino Solitaire is a challenging and fun way to use dominoes. While this game initially confuses, it quickly becomes an addictive puzzle.

We found the program's interface to be very weak, since it lacks any onscreen direction and the stark black-and-white cluster of dominoes is confusing. Fortunately, after scrolling through the Help file (which is focused on explaining scoring more than on how to actually play) we got the hang of the program. We used our mouse to match up two touching domino numbers, which corresponded to a key of various domino combinations to the left of the screen. Our goal was to have every combination complete, which is where the challenge lies. When dominoes got tiring, we accessed the program's feature to change the images to card suits, colors, and numbers and quickly learned dominoes were the friendliest to the eye. Regardless of the images, we found its multiple answer possibilities to be challenging and quickly addictive.

Domino Solitaire is a freeware program. While it initially confused us, the game is very fun and challenging, so we highly recommend it.

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