Label Maker

Create custom labels with this program.

Label Spirit Professional offers to help design custom labels for any purpose. With a simple layout and a fantastic level of control, this is a great program to meet shipping needs.

We were struck by how much this program's interface looked like a boring graphic design program with its menus of design options, but immediately felt at home while working through its helpful wizard. We surfed through the program's list of labels and were pleased to find practically every brand and style imaginable. The word-processing tool to input addresses was nothing outstanding, but very functional. The program really took flight when we discovered the option to drop in images and company logos onto the label, as well as to input one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes using only the code's number sequence. However, the program unnecessarily added tools to change the labels color and add shapes, which seemed fairly amateurish, but were easy to ignore. One feature we particularly liked was its capability to run a mail merge with a spreadsheet and populate label addresses. No matter how we applied the data, our labels were completed quickly and had a very professional look.

Label Spirit offers a 30-day trial. The program inserts desktop icons without asking permission and leaves folders behind after uninstall. With several worthwhile options and speedy creation, we recommend this program.

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