Music creator

Write your own musical score with this helpful program.

MagicScore School provides users with a program to write, edit, and listen to their score. With a utilitarian layout and a variety of options, this program will appeal to musicians.

We felt a little overwhelmed by the program's interface, not having much technical musical knowledge beforehand. But the Help file's breakdown of the commands and a swift online tutorial made navigation much easier. We began creating our score immediately, as we had the option to click and drag notes from a bank and place them on a music scale or to play a virtual piano that also populated the scale. With both, we were able to easily edit our score by dragging the notes into proper position. The program's small player, which gave us control over the music's tempo, played our score with clear piano sounds and followed the notes as it read our scale. One particularly neat feature we enjoyed was the ability to add a title and composer that made the pages look like professional sheet music. The program broke music-writing down to its basic elements and made the process simple enough for novices and experts alike to write a score.

MagicScore School has a 30-day trial. The program comes as a compressed file and leaves folders upon uninstall. With an abundance of simplicity and fun, we highly recommend this program to musicians of all levels.

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