File-shrinking program

Make your file sizes more manageable with this fantastic tool.

FILEminimizer Office - Compact Edition offers to take large files and shrink them into a smaller package, while maintaining the original's integrity. With simple navigation and fast results, this program more than lives up to its promise.

We were slightly challenged by the program's interface, but luckily most of the commands are intuitively labeled. The online Help file didn't walk us through anything and should have been skipped. However a little experimenting was all that was necessary to fully understand adjustments that could be made. We were impressed at the clever utilization of a search engine to locate folders and files we needed to shrink. The program shrunk our relatively large PDF file in a matter of seconds and gave a detailed report of its previous and current size, as well as what percentage of space was saved, which is helpful if aiming for a specific size. The files were all easily opened and didn't appear to have lost any content when we investigated them. We found the Pack and Go option to be mostly pointless since we don't use Outlook, as it creates an Outlook e-mail from scratch and automatically attached the document. Our favorite feature was the program's ability to customize the compression by adjusting a slider or choosing what percentage we wanted the new file shrunk by.

FILEminimizer has a five-item trial limit. We recommend this program; it successfully shrinks files without losing data.

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