Limited photo editor

Improve the quality of photos to a certain degree.

Face Smoother offers to help clear up blemishes and improve photo quality, especially with shots of people. While it provides all the proper tools to get this done, the program's limitations are frustrating.

The program's interface was its best attribute. Allowing us to learn onscreen with helpful command icons, we didn't need to utilize the program's slightly disorganized Help file. The program offers options to sharpen, adjust, smooth, rotate, and resize any photo. Rotate, Resize, and Adjust were the most user-friendly options, as they were able to be customized by sliders or entering in new dimensions. However, we were disappointed to find that Sharpen and Smooth were automatically applied without any opportunity to adjust or choose where to use the tool. These two aspects merely looked so-so, and made it impossible to dial in a perfect image, unlike other photo-editing tools. By utilizing the program's only real feature, the Original button, we were able to flip back and forth between the normal photo and our edited one, which proved just how badly the Sharpen and Smooth options were.

Face Smoother comes with a 30-use trial. Because of its lack of total control in editing the image, we do not recommend this program.

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