Photo filter program

Apply photo filters with this simple program.

Citra FX Photo Effects provides users with a fast option for applying photo filters. With a wide range of options and some neat ways of applying them, this program excels.

We needed a brief visit to the Help file to research what these mysterious command icons meant. With that under our belt, we were scrolling through the drop-down menus and clicking and dragging our options in no time. We were able to apply effects to our images by selecting a specific area and making a circle, square, heart, or free-form shape. The filters and masks we applied to these new shapes varied from subtle wavy designs to distortions that make the image look completely different. It took us several attempts to find the proper combination of shapes and filters, but that was part of the fun. The result was not professional, but created boldly unique images. The program's only real feature was a helpful Original button that allowed us to flip back and forth from the altered picture to the original.

Citra FX Photo Effects leaves a watermark on images during the trial. This program comes as a compressed ZIP file and leaves folders upon uninstall. We recommend this program because of its unique filter applications.

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