Simple watermark maker

Create a unique watermark using this program.

PhotoX provides a quick and easy way to make watermarks. With simple controls and professional results, this program offers a great variety in a simple package.

The program's interface lays all the tools out and even walked us through the steps with a helpful tutorial that explains the entire process in a few minutes, thus making the itemized Help file unnecessary. The program was simple, prompting us with a word-processing tool to create a message we wanted splashed across the image of our choice. We were given complete control over the size and font, as well as its position on the page. We were also impressed that we could instead make our watermark an image by simply pulling a specific photo from our hard drive and adjusting the watermark's opacity with a slider. The text watermark and the image watermark were both noticeable, but didn't make the original photo impossible to appreciate, which is our definition of a good watermark. The program provides a few features that let you insert lines along with the watermark or save the picture as grayscale, but we didn't see much point to either since the basic function worked so smoothly.

PhotoX leaves its own watermark on images during the trial. The program leaves folders behind upon uninstall. Thanks to its intuitive direction and professional results, we highly recommend this program.

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