Quick mosaic creator

Construct mosaics of your photos with this inventive program.

Foto-Mosaik provides users with a program that not only creates collages, but also remembers your pictures in a database. With simple layout and an intuitive design, users will leap right into this program.

The program's interface is simplified by a wizard-like layout that held our hand through each step with great onscreen instruction. We were immediately impressed by the program when we organized our photo database, which allowed us to save collections of images for future mosaics. We customized the dimensions, shape, and number of photos within a few minutes and were admiring our creation. Images were scattered at various angles like someone spread our snapshots across a table. We quickly learned that this program functions best with a large quantity of pictures, as anything less than 20 was spread out and had too much space between photos. One feature we enjoyed was its ability to blend pictures together using a percentage slider, which completely changed the look of our mosaic. The program provided us with an interesting way to showcase our photo collection.

Foto-Mosaik is a freeware program. Thanks to its ability to remember photos and quickly make a collage, we recommend this program.

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