Difficult watermark remover

Remove simple watermarks with this program, though not all watermarks.

Photo Stamp Remover offers an admirable service to users, but falls short of meeting all its claims. While the program is simple to learn and operate, its results left us wanting more.

The program's interface required a trip to the Help file, though any roadblocks seemed obvious after a few seconds of experimentation. The program features a bare minimum of commands, which should keep users of all skill levels focused. While learning the program came after some minimal effort, its results left us disappointed. The primary job of selecting an area or watermark to convert was a simple click-and-drag operation. However, the program really only succeeded in cleanly removing the pesky time stamp from the bottom corner of photos. When the watermark consisted of multiple colors or was covering complex imagery (for example a person's face), the doctoring was highly noticeable. These tended to blur the edges of watermarks, but didn't entirely remove its presence. Overall, the quality of the results was too varied to be a reliable way to rid a photo of watermarks. The program's finest feature was without a doubt its Preview button, which allowed us to see how the work would look without committing to choices.

Photo Stamp Remover comes with a 30-day trial. Since its results varied so wildly, we do not recommend this program.

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