Get all your notes on iPhone

Make photo, text, and audio notes to view from your iPhone or iPod Touch, plus any browser or desktop.

Though intended as a complementary application to Evernote's multimedia note-syncing system, Evernote for iPhone fares well enough as a stand-alone application. You'll still need to register for a free or premium account, but after that, creating text, photo, and audio notes is a simple operation.

Evernote saves your media on its servers and then delivers all your uploaded notes to any access point, including the Evernote desktop manager, any Web browser, and now your iPhone or iPod Touch. Evernote's optical character recognition service is one selling point for all accounts. While tests found the OCR fairly accurate, we've heard that premium account holders get their text translated faster than those with free accounts.

In terms of feature power, other free iPhone competitors beat Evernote for iPhone. However, it remains a useful tool for those who already use Evernote's service or who prefer to jot their notes on the go from any computer or device.

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