Feng shui helper

Get your home and life in feng shui order with this program.

MB Feng Shui Suite provides users with five tools to align their life and home to feng shui beliefs. While some overwhelm with complicated terminology, the bulk of the program is simple to follow and helpful.

We were fortunate that the program's interface was so intuitive, since it only has a few areas that can be controlled, because the Help file was more focused on the design company than on using the program. We really only needed to fill in personal information, such as our birthday and our name, to get the program moving. With this information, the program's plainspoken text-based format gave us suggestions on colors, cardinal directions, and building materials that would benefit our lives. However, two of the tools (Flying Star and Ba Zi) were so heavily written in feng shui jargon that we couldn't interpret what advice it was giving. Whatever flaws the program has, it made up for them with the Bagua feature, which let us click and drag furniture into a virtual room to provide a diagram of the room's energy. With this feature, the program's positive aspects outweighed the confusing ones to give practical feng shui design input that anyone can understand.

Feng Shui Suite is a freeware program. This program installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders behind after uninstall. Although some parts were too technical, the simpler parts made this a worthwhile program that we recommend.

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