Mortgage managing tool

Monitor your mortgage and all the figures surrounding it with this program.

Home Loan Interest Manager Pro provides a tool for monitoring every aspect of mortgages. While the program can get overwhelming, it ultimately helps users understand home loans.

With the program's many command options, we smartly headed to the topic-oriented Help file. This, along with the program's wizard, showed us how to navigate our loan within minutes. We needed to have a lot of information present to fill out the wizard (Interest rates, loan amounts, duration of the loan, etc.), but it was worth the hassle since it laid the foundation of our mortgage. Some other options were much more difficult, such as the tools for checking errors, reviewing costs, and planning for the future. Each of these lacked the wizard's strong design and required us to return to the Help file to learn more about their various fields. Once we felt more comfortable, these tools pieced together and provided a better image of how our personal finances and debt played into our mortgage. One feature that actually made things easier was the ability to import transactions from a spreadsheet. This went directly into the financial planning program and saved us from having to manually input the data. Overall, the program required patience and some added effort, but we did get a clearer picture of the complicated world of mortgage loans.

Home Loan Interest Manager Pro comes with a 14-day trial. While it takes effort and patience to properly work it, we recommend this program for home financial planning.

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