Credit card tool

Watch your credit card accounts with this program.

Credit Card Manager 2009 offers users a chance to keep all their credit card information in one place. While the program offers an extremely usable format, some may simply choose to manage a credit card via its Web site.

We made an immediate trip to the program's Help file because the interface was a blank slate with no direction for users. Reading the brief descriptions of the process, we quickly gained footing and a better understanding of the program as a whole. We filled out the vital information for all of our credit cards to find a simple listing of each card's balance on the main screen. With each purchase or payment, we navigated a simple menu for each card, inputted the new data and the balance was updated. The program smartly offered us an option to password protect this sensitive information. While the program functioned smoothly and easily, it required very diligent input from us. We couldn't help but think that every credit card's Web site performs this same task automatically, which makes this program fairly obsolete, unless a user simply must have every balance on one screen.

Credit Card Manager 2009 is a freeware program. It installs desktop icons without asking permission and leaves folders behind after uninstall. We do not recommend this program since it requires a lot more manual work than a credit card's Web site.

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