Mediocre screensaver

Don't bother with this uninteresting program.

Lake Wave Screensaver is a mediocre program with minimal features and settings that don't work. To put it simply, we were not impressed.

The entire screensaver consists of three images, one of which was pixelated. The trick of this screensaver is that any image can be used with it; all it does is apply a wave effect to the bottom two thirds of the screen. If users look closely at the images that are included they'll see how sloppily this is executed; the bottoms of rocks and mountains are subjected to the wave effect as well as the water. Users do have the ability to add additional images to the screensaver, and in theory, any image with a large swath of water in the foreground would work. The effect was so unimpressive, though, that we weren't sure why we should bother. The program did have a few adjustable settings, not all of which worked. Notably, the program's sound effects consist of very loud (and annoying) chirping birds, but even after we unchecked the box for the bird sounds and saved our settings, they continued. The program also has settings that control the speed and quantity of the waves, but they weren't particularly noticeable or interesting. Unsurprisingly, the program has no Help file.

Lake Wave Screensaver is free to try, and the only limitation we noticed was the word "Unregistered" at the bottom of the screen. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; there are many more attractive and functional screensavers than this one.

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