Multifeatured organizer

Organize every aspect of your life with this extensive program.

MSD Organizer Portable is a multifeatured organizer that allows users to keep track of nearly every aspect of their lives. Although we commend the program for being so ambitious, the number of things it does--and the way they're organized--is overwhelming.

The program's interface is modern-looking, with a style reminiscent of the latest Microsoft Office products. Despite this sleekness, the sheer number of features turns this program into a cluttered mess. Several layers of toolbars adorn the top (and side), and the program's content is displayed in varies configurations of grids, which also sometimes contain more toolbars. The program's Help file is quite well done and will help users get the most of the interface, but the whole thing is likely to take some getting used to. As for features, we'd be hard pressed to come up with some aspect of our life that MSD Organizer doesn't track. There's the expected contact manager, calendar/schedule, alarms, and so-on. But there's also a diary, a music organizer, and trackers for health, property, and budget. Each of these is quite detailed, with plenty of menus, buttons, and customizations. While we appreciate all this functionality, we found it somewhat difficult to navigate; there are just too many things going on.

MSD Organizer is free to try, but it limits the number of records a user can create. It comes as a zip file and runs after extraction without installation. We recommend this program with reservations: it does a lot of things and does them well, but the number and organization of the features may leave some users feeling overwhelmed.

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