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The new York Times' iPhone reader delivers the news clearly and elegantly, but with few frills.

If you can live with fielding the occasional ad (and you can), you're rewarded with the New York Times' online content for free on your iPhone or iPod Touch. From an interface perspective, it holds no surprises, just good, solid navigation and support for images. Screens show the latest headlines, the most highly e-mailed stories, your saved stories, and a search pane. The "More" screen lists the paper's other categories, such as movies, travel, and World news. Click a topic to quickly pull down the stories therein.

Apart from the reader, extra features are limited. You can adjust the font size, save a story for later reading (it's flagged in the "Saved" screen), or e-mail a story link to a contact. One nice, simple navigation feature slides the menu bars away as you tap the screen to scroll. This leaves you an unobstructed view of the story. Just tap again to summon the menu bars. You can also read in landscape mode.

The NYTimes app lacks many of the additional features found in other newsreaders, like support for video, an in-app browser to read the story online in its original form, the ability to save images, and buttons to post stories to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Still, a clearly delivered story is the real reason to download any news app, and in this respect, the New York Times app will not disappoint.

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