Capture data from text files

Count words and their frequency in a text file with this simple but effective tool.

As its name suggests, this program counts and ranks word frequencies in text files. The interface would have benefited from a splash of color and more eye-catching design, but the program performed as promised.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter opens with an extremely plain interface. The main window was fairly straightforward. We loaded our text file using the program's browsing capability. Clicking the Set Parameters button opened a separate window that, at first glance, was pretty cluttered. But once our eyes adjusted, we were able to find our way around the interface. Here, you can select what words and characters you want to include in the count, as well as what words to ignore. We allowed apostrophes and hyphens, and chose to ignore words with fewer than three characters and more than 50 characters. Once we clicked the Count word frequencies button, our text file characters were broken down and ranked by frequency. The program also displayed the total number of words in the list, the number of words excluded, and the total number of words in the file.

The built-in Help feature doesn't offer much guidance; it merely describes what the program does. An online user manual offers a little more help should you need it. Hermetic Word Frequency Counter installs and uninstalls without any issues. The program claims that the output of results is limited during the trial, but we never came across limitations. If you're looking for a simple program for breaking down and ranking text files, this is the program for you.

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