Trial limitations too strict

Skip this image conversion program in favor of one with a more flexible trial version.

As one might suspect, Graphics Converter Pro gives people the capability to view and convert multiple image files. Not only was the program confusing to navigate, but also a trial restriction prevented us from completing our conversions.

The program's interface leaves a lot to be desired. Tiny command buttons line the top of the window. The purpose of each button is fairly obvious (Refresh, New Folder, Cancel Selection), but not in relation to what the program sets out to do. A Help file is included with the program, but it took some digging around and experimenting to figure out how to get started. Using the program's tree-menu, we were able to locate the image files we wanted to convert. Each individual file appeared in the top window panel. Once we selected the files for the conversion, it wasn't entirely obvious where to go next. We clicked the Convert Now button, hoping to at least be given conversion options, but that wasn't the case. Instead, a window popped up telling us that the batch conversion is invalid until the program is registered. We later located the program's conversion features under the Options menu. There, you can select the file types to export to and import from, and configure the program's slide show options. But thanks to the trial limitation, we were unable to test any of them.

Graphics Converter Pro also comes with a 30-day trial period, which we would normally praise; but in this case, it's far too long for a program that doesn't let you actually do anything. For that reason, we recommend that you skip this program and look for a conversion program that lets you fully test its functionality.

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