Slows you down

Slow your computer down with this free program that's supposed to improve the speed and performance of your broadband connection.

Full Speed promises to improve both the speed and performance of your broadband connection. Oddly, when we put it through the ringer, it did just the opposite: our computer ran at a snail's pace when the program was activated.

The program's user interface doesn't exactly exude professionalism. All of the exclamation points asking us to Get Ready to Boost Your Speed! had us looking for the catch. At start-up, our only option was to select either Internet Explorer or Firefox to run the Web speed test. Once we made our selection a new window appeared and ran some sort of a test to check our speed, although we're not sure what exactly the test entailed. Our initial speed reading was around 13 seconds. From there, we were told to click either the Apply Full Speed Boost or Pro Boost buttons to enable the program. We opted for the Full Speed Boost. Once we rebooted our computer, we opened our IE and noticed that Full Speed was supposedly enabled. However, when we browsed as usual, our speed was considerably slower. We ran the speed test again, and our new speed reading clocked in around 17 seconds. So much for an improvement.

The Help features with Full Speed were a joke. The Live Help button took us to the publisher's Web site that was mostly just a push for the program. The program tells you to hover your mouse over any feature to view a description, but most of the description was cut off and unreadable. A desktop icon is installed without asking, but the program does uninstall cleanly. Still, we found this free program a waste of time and recommend you skip it altogether.

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