25,000 recipes on your iPhone

Epicurious is a free app that gives you quick and easy access to more than 25,000 tested recipes from Epicurious.com.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List is a free app that gives you quick and easy access to more than 25,000 tested recipes from Epicurious.com--originally from sources such as Bon Appetit, Cookie, and Gourmet magazines--along with the ability to save your favorites and create shopping lists for specific recipes.

The app's primary interface divides recipes into broad categories like "Weeknight Dinner" and "Party Snacks," but far more useful and easy to navigate is the app's search function, which lets you search for keywords and select a particular ingredient, course, cuisine, "dietary consideration" (e.g., Kosher, gluten-free, or just "Healthy"), dish type, and season or occasion--everything from Ramadan to the Super Bowl. You'll definitely want to narrow down your search, since scrolling through even a few dozen results can get tedious, but the app makes it easy to zero in on a recipe (or a subset of recipes) pretty quickly.

You can swipe horizontally to browse through recipes (viewing the name, photo, and user rating for each), and you just tap a recipe to see its ingredients, preparation instructions, and user reviews. A clever touch: from any recipe, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch on its side to switch to a "cookbook" mode, which breaks down the recipe's instructions into individual, step-by-step pages that are easy to click through (and cook by). You can also quickly save a recipe to your favorites, e-mail it to yourself or a friend, and generate a logically organized, recipe-specific shopping list, even for multiple recipes.

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List still has a few shortcomings; for example, if you already have a user account and favorites on Epicurious.com, this app doesn't sync with them. But with its thoughtful interface and wealth of tested recipes, Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List offers a lot of value at no cost, making it a must-download for any cook (or would-be cook in need of some inspiration).

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